December 5, 2023

Kilkenny man launches campaign for Ireland to rejoin UK

A Kilkenny man is on a mission to get Ireland back into the UK.

Tristan Morrow says he hopes to get all 32 counties back under the British Crown. And the Kilkenny-born farmer claims his Irish Unionist Party will be trying to woo voters on that basis at the ballot box from 2025.

The 19-year-old admits his party probably won’t “win anything” but insists he is “standing up” for what he believes.

Mr Morrow says: “You have a party like Sinn Féin in the north that wants to establish a 32 county Republic.

“In a functioning Republic, you must have an opposition and that opposition would be a unionist one realistically, seeing as over one million Irish people identify as unionist.

“If there is a united Ireland they (republicans) must accept that there will be a unionist party in the south, one way or another.”

Mr Morrow said he was born in Kilkenny but claims his family were forced from their home “by republicans” before moving to Northern Ireland. However, he didn’t provide any further details.

He said his right-of-centre party, which is also anti-abortion and anti-EU, has “20 to 30” members, “mostly in Co Clare and Co Limerick”.

Mr Morrow says part of his mission is to fight back against what he calls the lack of “freedom of speech” in the Republic.

He adds: “I find it a bit challenging that all of the parties in the Republic have to be pro-state and pro-status quo or else get a massive amount of backlash from the public.

“In the north you can be a republican party and run for office and be a unionist party and run for office. In the Republic, if you’re a unionist… you get death threats.”

And he added that under an all-Ireland unionist government – in the highly unlikely event Dublin and London agreed to re-establish UK sovereignty over the whole island – people would be “both British and Irish”.


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