September 27, 2023
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Kilkenny multinational gets green light to develop massive innovation centre


AN KILKENNY multinational making huge waves in the global financial sector has been given the green light to build a massive innovation centre in the city.

Kilkenny County Council has granted The Taxback Group planning permission for a near 5,000 square meter research and innovation centre to be built in the IDA Business Park at Loughboy.

The innovation centre, which would be on a par in terms of size to the majority of office constructions in Dublin, will involve a huge capital investment in the city.

The Taxback Group, the parent company of Taxback International, Immedis and Transfermate, has over the last year announced the creation of over 300 jobs.

The application was made by Fintech Properties Limited, a subsidiary of the Taxback Group. The permission means the group can proceed with the construction of a five-storey research and innovation centre on a 1.8 hectare greenfield site on the IDA estate.

The construction will create new approach roads, pedestrian entrances and bike accesses from the  Bohernatownish Road to the new centre.

The new building is expected to house some of the existing staff and the over 300 new jobs announced by the Taxback Group over the past year.

Immedis announced the creation of 200 jobs in various locations worldwide including Kilkenny, Transfermate announced 25 jobs as part of a new strategic relationship with Wells Fargo, while Taxback International hired 80 new staff.

The Taxback Group was established in 1996 by entrepreneur Terry Clune and now employs over 1,300 people globally.

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