March 2, 2021

Kilkenny people targeted in ‘massive’ rise in text and online scams during lockdown

Kilkenny people have been targeted by a wave on online and texts scams during lockdown.

In its latest warning on scams doing the rounds, Kilkenny gardai again urged people  “exercise full caution when receiving unsolicited emails and strange phone calls”.

A local Garda spokesperson added: “Scammers are very persistent in their efforts to gain your confidence and your personal imormation with the ultimate goal of stealing your money. We are seeing a massive increase in reported cases of phishing, vishing and smishing, buzz words that add up to the same thing – FRAUD.”

Kilkenny gardai posted a few examples (one picture above) of some the unsolicited messages local people have recieved in recent days.

They urged anyone who receives these typs of messages to simply ignore them and contact your local Garda station. The spokesperson added:  “Responding to any of these leaves you very much at risk of being scammed.”

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