July 12, 2024
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Kilkenny gardai warn of scam that has cost local victims thousands of euros

People in Kilkenny are being made aware of yet another phone scam after a number of people locally lost thousands of euros to fraudsters.

In the latest scam, people receive texts claiming to be from Bank of Ireland or AIB Bank.

The texts mostly come from an ‘083’ prefix mobile phone number. They ask the recipient to contact them as a transaction has been made.

The fradusters advise people to download an app, which is followed, which then allows them access to personal information contained on the phone of the person who received the text.

Aa local garda spokesperson said: “We have received a number of complaints of fraudulent texts purporting to come from Bank of Ireland where unfortunately the recipient has clicked on a link and had their account compromised, leading to a loss in some instances, that has run into thousands of Euros.

“Your bank will never send you a message requesting you to click on a link.

“If you receive such a message please delete it and report it to your financial institution,” the Garda spokesperson added.




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