January 17, 2022
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In the green: Kilkenny residents get 80% grant for energy upgrades

A Kilkenny company is hosting an event, which will demonstrate how to slash energy costs while receiving grants of up to 80% to install upgrades.

The 3 Counties Energy Agency (3 CEA), is hosting an hour-long event for home and business owners, farmers, community groups, housing associations to help them understand what grants are available to them.

The event is being held in Hotel Kilkenny and will focus on energy costs, carbon footprint reduction and energy-efficient homes.

Senior Energy Engineer, Alexandra Hamilton, says 3 CEA can do all the necessary work to help clients make the right choices and draw down all the available supports.

“Lots of people come to us saying they’re not engineers and they don’t know where to even start. We begin by examining the building concerned and then come up with a plan that suits their needs, their budget and more.

“Grants vary from 30% for commercial/SME and public sector projects to 50% for communities/charities/not for profit projects.

“A 35% private homeowner grant is available for those classed as ‘non-fuel poor’ or up to 80% for a private fuel poor homeowner.

“Grants up to 50% apply to housing associations and 35% to local authority housing.”

The 3CEA event starts at 7pm in Hotel Kilkenny this Wednesday.


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