June 5, 2023

Kilkenny residents plagued by illegal fireworks at night despite Garda warning

An appeal from Kilkenny gardai for people not to use illegal fireworks appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

This week local gardai launched Operation Tombola targeting the possession and supply of illegal fireworks “and associated activities”.

In a statement, gardai pointed out that it is illegal to possess fireworks without proper authority. They urged parents to remove fireworks or bangers from children if they discover them.

However, some Kilkenny city residents took to social media to complain that their neighbourhoods continue to be plauged by fireworks in recent days.

One man commented: “There has been fireworks going of every evening for last week in Pococke green area … its not fair on animals either as dogs are frightened with the noise.”

Another woman said: “Good luck with that appeal, because those who are using bangers etc couldn’t give a toss who it effects. Been going off up in St Kierans Crescent and surrounding areas since September.”

In a warning to parents, gardai said children suffer horrific injuries every year from fireworks.

They added: “Parents should be extra vigilant during the Halloween Period and know where their children are at all times. Throwing bangers causes distress to people especially the elderly and it is also frightening to animals and pets.”

PHOTO: Kilkenny-Carlow Garda Facebook 

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