September 23, 2023
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Kilkenny residents receive over €2 million in grants to retrofit homes

Kilkenny homeowners who have done work to make their houses more energy efficiency, while slashing their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint, have received more than €2 million in government grants over the past four years.

Kilkenny’s Junior Minister, John Paul Phelan, revealed €2,203,000 has been drawn down in Kilkenny since 2016  as part of the Better Energy Homes, Better Energy Warmer Houses and Warmth and Wellbeing Schemes.

The schemes provides assistance to homeowners who want to retrofit their houses to create warmer, more comfortable surroundings while cutting down on bills, carbon emissions and energy waste.

“Since the introduction of these grants, nearly 400,000 homes across the country have received an upgrade, representing nearly one in five homes across the country. Kilkenny homeowners have been very keen to avail of supports,” Minister Phelan said.

“In 2016, €867,322 was drawn down in grants in the county. The tally for 2017 was €314,309, and it climbed to €503,877 in 2018. So far this year, €518,113 in grant aid has been earmarked for projects in Kilkenny.

“A range of government funded grants are available to householders to suit their circumstances and scale of retrofit work they wish to undertake.

“Our advice continues to be for anyone – be they a business, a homeowner, a community group or a social enterprise – to engage with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and local, independent agents such as the 3CEA and get the best possible advice,” Minister Phelan concluded.


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