December 4, 2023

Kilkenny residents reminded to be security aware during the heatwave

Kilkenny homeowners are being reminded not to let their guard down when it comes to home security during this extended period of hot weather.

Criminals will be on the prowl looking for easy targets as the thermometers soar local gardai have warned.

As with most homes here, Kilkenny homes are unlikely to have air-conditioning, so people will be opening more doors and windows to let in some air.

Kilkenny gardai are reminding people to close what they open and do not allow burglars an simple opportunity.

Reminding people of the risks, a spokesperson for Kilkenny Gardai said: “During this time of extremely hot weather it is very easy to become complacent about our home security.

“We may have extra doors and windows open to help cope with the heat but remember this is a huge attraction for the criminal.

“Secure your home if you are leaving even if only for a short time. If you are in the back garden do not leave windows or doors open at the front and vice versa,” the spokesperson concluded.

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