December 2, 2023

Kilkenny TD hits out at party leader, calling Taoiseach ‘a doormat’

Outspoken Kilkenny TD John McGuinness has launched a stinging attack on the Government, accusing Coalition leaders of ‘utterly breaching their promises’.

And in another scathing critique of his own party leader, Deputy McGuinness accused the Taoiseach Micheál Martin  of displaying “the greatest example of poor leadership in government” by consistently allowing himself to be used as a doormat”.

Mr McGuinness made the comments in an interview with the Irish Mail on Sunday amid the deepening fallout over the botched appointment of former minister Katherine Zappone as a UN special envoy.

“We have a Cabinet letting things through on the nod who are not familiar with the detail. Some don’t care. They are happy to just sit there, nod their heads and keep their jobs,” the Kilkenny TD told the newspaper.

“This Government graduated from the university of cronyism with high honours. The Government does not act as a government anymore, they are a cabal who have utterly breached their promises to burn the quangos and exile the cronies.”

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