July 18, 2024
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Kilkenny villages wish to walk in a wifi wonderland


TWO villages in Kilkenny, concerned their villages will be left in a broadband black hole by Government plans, are looking into setting up a fibre network all of their own.

Piltown and Fiddown’s broadband speeds will not be improved under the Government’s National Broadband Development Plan (NBDP), so a meeting was held last Friday night to gauge the interest of the community in backing a plan of their own.

The two villages, with the help of Kilkenny Leader Partnership, would like to develop a fibre broadband network that will give a constant 1GBPS (gigabytes per second) upload and download speed to every house in the area, double and quadruple what the NBDP says it will provide.

The meeting on Friday, held by the project’s feasibility group, provided information on the possible rollout and infrastructure work required and asked the communities of both villages and surrounding areas to come together to back the proposal.

The 50 people who attended the meeting heard the fibre infrastructure would bring high-speed to every home, improve the saleability of the houses in the villages and maintain a super high-speed connection no matter how many connections are on the network.

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