December 2, 2022

Kilkenny’s Big Phil confirms golf trip to Limerick as he publishes details of his movements since returning to Ireland

The EU Trade Commissioner, Kilkenny’s Phil Hogan, has published a timeline of his movements when he arrived in Ireland from Brussels on July 31.

The timeline includes details of a trip to Adare in county Limerick on August 13 to play golf.

Mr Hogan released the timeline on social media after he provided around 20 pages of documents to the President of the European Commission as controversy rages over his attendance at the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Clifden.

The documents include guidelines from the Irish Hotels Federation and a map of Ireland showing individual counties.

This morning a spokesperson for the European Commission said President Ursula von der Leyen wanted to receive the full range of details from Mr Hogan by 1pm.

In his statement, Mr Hogan insisted he adhered to the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines at all times while in Ireland.

The Kilkenny man says he arrived in Ireland on July 31 before travelling to his temporary residence in Kildare, before he was admitted to a hospital in Dublin on August 5.

Mr Hogan said he tested negative for Covid-19 while in hospital and was discharged the next day before returning to his residence in Co Kildare.

He said in his statement: “As I had received a negative Covid-19 test while in hospital, I was not under any subsequent legal requirement to self-isolate or quarantine.”

He said he travelled from Kildare to Kilkenny on August 7, the day the Government reimposed restrictions on the county. Mr Hogan stated he travelled “before the local lockdown rules came into effect”.

The Commissioner said he travelled to Dublin on August 12 for “essential work reasons”, and while there he met with Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

Mr Hogan said he played golf in Adare, Co Limerick the following day and returned to Kilkenny.

He said that on August 17 he travelled from Kilkenny to Galway via Kildare. In his statement Mr Hogan said he “stopped briefly” in county Kildare at the property he had been staying in to collect some “personal belongings and essential papers”.

Mr Hogan confirmed he played golf in Clifden on August 18 and August 19. He said he also attended a formal dinner on August 19.

The Commissioner said he returned from Galway to Kildare on August 21 “to collect my remaining personal belongings” and stayed there overnight to catch an early morning flight to his main residence in Brussels the following morning.


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