March 22, 2023

Less than a week left to register to vote in Kilkenny

Kilkenny people yet to register to vote in the upcoming general election are being reminded that they have less than a week to do so.

Kilkenny County Council has issued a reminder that the closing date for the supplement to the Register of Electors is Wednesday, January 22.

There is some confusion surrounding voter registration as this year’s register of electors will only be applied on February 15, therefore people who only recently registered to vote may not be on the register as yet.

The local council is asking people to check to see if they are on the register of electors, which can be checked at or by phoning Kilkenny County Council on 056 779 4070.

People whose details are not included on the register still have time to get their vote by applying for inclusion on the supplement to the register. These forms, again available on or at local authority offices must be received by Wednesday, January 22.

Completed forms must be stamped by a garda and signed in their presence.

Voting takes place on Saturday, February 8.


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