October 4, 2023

Just one-in-six people in Kilkenny die of old age – new CSO report


THREE out of every four people in Kilkenny die from either cancer, heart disease or lung disease.

The surprise figures are revealed by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in a new report published by the State body today.

According to the CSO’s ‘Q1 Vital Statistics’ report, less than one in every six people in Kilkenny now pass away from natural causes.

In the first three months of the year, a total of 203 people died in Kilkenny city and county. Of these, 51 died from cancer-related causes, 61 as a result of heart-related illnesses, while 36 passed away due to lung and respiratory issues.

Of the remaining 55 people who passed away, 13 died of external causes such as by accident or suicide. Nine others died from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Just 33 people in Kilkenny died from old-age – just over 16% of the deaths recorded during that period.

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