October 1, 2023

‘Kilkenny farmers’ livelihoods on the line’ – local TD has beef with Minister


KILKENNY farmers are facing into a desperate situation, with some being forced to consider giving up their farms and going out of business, a local TD has warned.

Kilkenny TD Bobby Aylward today called on the Agriculture Minister Michael Creed to protect Kilkenny’s beef farmers by applying for emergency funding from the EU.

Deputy Aylward accused the minister of not doing enough to protect local beef farmers and he has urged him to immediately request market disturbance funding from the EU.

“Farmers have been extremely vocal about the seriousness of the situation, but it appears the Government just don’t think it is a matter of priority – Minister Creed’s approach has been lack-lustre at best,”the Kilkenny TD fumed.

“The level of anger and frustration among farmers has increased dramatically – this can be seen in the resumed protests at factories across the country. Many feel they simply aren’t being listened to.

“The minister needs to step in and assure beef farmers that the Irish Government will request market disturbance funding from the EU Commission.”

Deputy Aylward alsomcalled on Ireland’s Commissioner to the EU, the former Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan, to intervene and offer financial support to the under-pressure farmers.

“Farmers across Kilkenny are fighting on two fronts – not only has the beef price plummeted, but they are being hit with the added uncertainty of a possible no-deal Brexit. These are very worrying times and farmers have become disillusioned with the lack of information and action from the Government,” said Deputy Aylward.

“This situation has become incredibly serious, and livelihoods are on the line. Commissioner Hogan and his European counterparts must be made aware of just how serious things have become. Irish beef farmers need immediate financial support in order to save their livelihoods.”

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