November 29, 2021

Letter of the law: An Post and gardai team up to bring new crime initiative to Kilkenny


POSTMEN and postwomen are to deliver more than letters and parcels to rural Kilkenny, they will now deliver a visible crime prevention support in partnership with the gardai.

In a first in Ireland, An Post and An Gardai Síochána have announced a partnership aimed at bringing about a feeling of safety to rural communities across the county.

Chief Superintendent, Dominic Hayes, along with An Post Head of Security Services Brendan Cloonan announced a number of crime prevention initiatives that will make people feel safer in their homes.

A new ‘Text Alert’ scheme involving An Post’s network of local postal delivery staff forms an integral part of the new initiative. The text alert will be used to inform local postmen and postwomen of any suspicious or criminal activity in their postal area once it is reported to Gardaí. It will also advise on any other policing matters relevant to a particular area.

Speaking at the launch of the new crime initiative, Kilkenny’s Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes said: “Just over 100 Postmen and Postwomen in Kilkenny & Carlow have signed up to support this new text alert initiative.

“This is bound to have a very positive effect on disseminating advice and warnings in relation to crimes that have been reported to the Gardaí.

“Text Alert is a huge tool in creating awareness and warning of criminal and suspicious activity.”

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