July 17, 2024

Kilkenny Traveller group chosen for new €1m programme

The Kilkenny Traveller Community Movement (KTCM) has been named as one of seven organisations nationwide who have been selected to take part in a €1 million pilot programme.

KTCM is a traveller led organisation that supports Travellers and Traveller community development throughout Co Kilkenny.

Community and Rural Development Minister Joe O’Brien said the aim of the programme is to trial community-led interventions that address poverty, social exclusion and inequality, and promote human rights.

Applications to take part in the programme were received from over 120 community development organisations.

The projects chosen are based in Donegal, Clare, Dublin, Longford, Wexford, Meath/Louth as well as Kilkenny and will provide supports to Travellers, women living in poverty, migrants and people with disabilities.

Minister O’Brien said: “I know that communities themselves are best placed to identify needs and to work collaboratively to develop pathways to fully access their rights.

“It is hugely important that those voices that are most marginalised in society are given opportunities to engage and help develop activities that they know will help enhance their lived experiences and bring their voice to the table when decisions are being made.

“We must do better as a whole in society for groups that suffer particularly high levels of disadvantage and marginalisation.

“This programme is about building the capacity of some of those grassroots groups most excluded to support them to chart their path from disadvantage,” Minister O’Brien added.



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