December 3, 2022
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Mad for road: Kilkenny residents more likely to use car than anywhere else

People in Kilkenny are far more likely to use a car to get around when compared to people living in other parts of Ireland.

The National Travel Survey for 2019 released by the Central Statistics Office shows that the car is used in nine out of every ten journeys taken in Kilkenny. The national average is closer to seven out of every ten journeys.

The report also found people in Kilkenny are the least likely in Ireland to use their legs if they need to get anywhere. Just 8.1% of journeys made by people in Kilkenny were by foot, as opposed to 88.7% of all journeys being taken by car or van.

The report also suggests that public transport in Kilkenny city and county is not working as just 1.2% of the journeys made in the area were people availing of a bus.

Just .2% of journeys were by rail, while 1.2% of journeys were by mobility vehicles or electric scooters. A further  0.1% of journeys were taken on either a motorcycle or by lorry.

Nationally in 2019, journeys by car accounted for 73.7% of all journeys, a full 15% lower than in Kilkenny.

Walking accounted for 13.5% of all journeys,  nearly twice as many as taken by foot in Kilkenny, while 4.8% of journeys nationally were by bus, more than four times the amount taken by Kilkenny residents.



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