December 11, 2023

Man arrested after he was found with deadly Samurai sword on Kilkenny street

A Kilkenny man was arrested after he was being found in possession of a Samurai sword in Kilkenny city yesterday afternoon.

Gardai were patrolling the Newpark Fen area of the city yesterday afternoon when they noticed a man acting suspiciously.

The gardai stopped the suspect, aged in his 20’s, and performed a search. He was found to be in possession of the offensive weapon, which despite its size, was somehow concealed on his person.

The man was immediately arrested under Section Nine of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act 1990 and taken to Kilkenny Garda Station for questioning.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “This Samurai sword could inflict horrific injuries.”

The suspect was charged and is due to appear before Kilkenny District Court.

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