September 25, 2022
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Massive 50pc rise in volume of goods recycled in Kilkenny this year

There has been a huge 50% increase in the volume of goods being recycled in Kilkenny in 2020.

New figures released by Kilkenny County Council show that the 46 bring centres in the county experienced a 50% increase in usage this year.

The local authority is urging people to recycle with care over the Christmas period and, if bottle banks are full ,to bring your empties home with you and return another time.

A council spokesperson said: “Bottle banks fill quickly over the Christmas period and it’s always difficult to keep them serviced.

“Should you arrive at a bottle bank and its full, please keep your glass and metal tins and return on a different day to recycle them. Don’t leave them on the ground as you may be subject to a litter fine.”

The council said  all items going into the recycle bin this Christmas need to be clean, dry and loose.


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