July 14, 2024

Massive increase in number of patients waiting on beds in Kilkenny’s St Luke’s

St Luke’s General Hospital in Kilkenny appears to be in the midst of a mini-crisis outside of the Covid-19 crisis as it has recorded the highest number of patients waiting on trolleys in its emergency room today out of all of Ireland’s hospitals.

The Irish Nurse and Midwife Organisation’s (INMO) daily Trolley Watch report reveals 12 patients are waiting on trolleys in St Luke’s emergency department today as they wait for a bed to become available for them in a general ward.

The 12 patients in St Luke’s are more than 25% of the total number of patients today waiting on trolleys in Ireland’s hospitals according to the INMO, who say there are 47 patients waiting on trolleys in emergency departments around the country.

The number in St Luke’s has more than doubled since yesterday when just five patients were waiting on trolleys in the hospital, however, up until last Friday there were no patients awaiting beds in the hospital.

KilkennyNow.ie contacted the Irish East Hospital Group who said this is expected after the HSE asked those who had been avoiding hospital with issues other than Covid-19, should attend now.

A spokesperson for the IEHG said: “All hospitals around the country are experiencing an increase to their hospitals with non-Covid patients presenting to their ED and being admitted into hospital with a variety of complex needs.
“The National HSE briefing on Sunday and the Department of Health NPHET daily briefings have been asking that those people who require medical assistance should not delay in going to the hospital should they require care, particularly those who may be experiencing a heart attack or stroke.
“St Luke’s General Hospital are discharging a number of patients today and a number of patients are scheduled to be transferred to Aud Even.
“There is capacity within the hospital for both Covid and non-Covid patients,” the spokesperson concluded.

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