May 18, 2024

The Future of Esports Betting in Ireland: Trends and Predictions

eSports betting may seem brand new in Ireland, but the seed was planted way back in the early 2000s. As the internet got better and online gaming took off, the idea of betting on virtual battles started catching people’s eyes.

Players battle out or team up with other gamers on the net in games that often create fierce rivalry. These games have become so popular, there are pro players with sponsorships from noteworthy brands like Red Bull and Nike. That’s not all. These pro players and teams enter competitions televised and streamed gloibally on channels like Twitch, and for the victors come huge multi-million dollar prize pools up for grabs.

Naturally, where there is sport and huge audiences sponsors are one thing. Also, where there is competition and rivalry that is similar to sports like football and basketball, sportsbetting and online casino sites also gets into the action.

Popular Pro eSports in Ireland

Video game competitions called eSports are all the rage. And their impact on Ireland’s betting world is massive. Dota 2 and League of Legends have long been the kings of Mobile Online Battle Arena gaming. These are fantasy games played out on a map where players battle it out for bragging rights using heroes or champions that counter one another. Picking the right heroes or champions in these games can make or break a teams ability to dominate the map and win the game. Offhoots of these games have broken into the Irish scene too like Overwatch and

It isn’t only fantasy games taking up the eSports space. First-person shooter games Counter Strike and Call of Duty use less fantasy and base themselves more on military style action. Players can team up and fight their common enemy for territory. Once again, these games have pro players and million-dollar prize pools. Of course, offshoots are already rising into the scene too. Fortnite is probably the one of the fastest growing first-erson shooter MOBA games out there, while Valorant by Riot games is rising fast, especially in Ireland.

The Trend of eSports Betting

Bookmakers offering their services to Irish players via online gambling sites and high street betting stores are jumping on the eSports bandwagon offering odds on pro teams and players. These sites now offer a huge number of eSports betting options from pre-market betting to in-play betting.

New tech is playing its role in evolving the eSports betting industry in Ireland. Most of us already know mobile network speeds are faster than every making it easy to stream professional eSports games. It also means placing bets via sportsbooks is easier, while these bookmakers can also easily buy the rights to stream eSports matches on their platforms allowing for in-play betting. They can do this without the ciomplexities and expense behind the cost of streaming sports like the NFL or Premier League football where the sums of money we are talking about to stream these sporting events live is far higher than esSports.

Blockchain Tech and VR

Cool innovations like blockchain and virtual reality are raising the bar, but VR is till in it infancy. With that said, some time in the near future VR is going to make that giant leap and once it does, this  is likely where eSorts is going to excel.

For sports betting and transacting with the eSports games, like buying battle passes, cryptocurrency is now mainstream for transacting within the eSports niche. With the new tech savvy generation the obvious particpants in eSports gaming, the use of crypto will continue to grow. Blockchain brings with it better security and transparency. Not to mention, when blockchain gaming worlds come online coupled with VRs life-like gaming coming to the table a while new trend will begin.

We now have to mention metaveses and VR betting shops which are apparently just around the corner. Irish bettors can now step into virtual betting sotires to place bets, then walk out into the eSports arenas and experience the action up close and personal. At the same time, in-play betting is probably going to gow in popularity too. It is like being at the horse racing tracks. When you are there, and the bets are on, you’ll probably get involved.

Hometown Heroes Emerge

As eSports gets bigger, Irish pro gamers are stepping into the spotlight worldwide. Jordan Jurd Crowley, a 24-year-old Call of duty pro from Dublin. He has become a household name, wowing fans across the globe with his insane skills. His sponsor is Red Bull, and he has over a quarter of a million euros in prize money to his name. His meteoric rise has sparked a frenzy, with more Irish youngsters follow his lead.

An exciting Future Ahead fof Ireland’s eSports Scene

The future of eSports betting in Ireland will be a rollercoaster ride, filled with hurdles but also huge potential payoffs. As the market booms, officials will need to find the sweet spot between fostering innovation and protecting consumers. Adopting fresh tech like augmented reality and blazing-fast 5G could supercharge the betting experience to mind-blowing new levels.

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