June 15, 2024
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SPONSORED: MK Aesthetics: where a pioneering aesthetic doctor sets new standards for aesthetic treatments

MK Aesthetics is an award-winning doctor-led clinic based in Wexford Town offering excellence and expertise in advanced anti-ageing and rejuvenating skin treatments. Dr Mehvish Khan is an expert in aesthetic treatments and minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures.  She has been medical director of her award winning cosmetic clinic in Wexford  for many years.

Dr. Khan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences with Honours, a Medical Degree in General Medicine with a distinction, and a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Medicine with a distinction.

               (Photo:  Dr. Mehvish Khan)

MK Aesthetics has been regularly featured on RSVP magazine and awarded Best Injectable Treatments in the RSVP Spa Awards 2022.   The clinic was also named as the Best Aesthetic Clinic in the South East.   Dr. Khan’s team of skincare experts are fully trained and equipped to offer a high professional service to each client to suit their individual needs and concerns.

Dr Khan’s ethos is to to be your own kind of beautiful.   She strongly believes in steering her clients away from trends and to treat all her clients uniquely and in a bespoke way.   Dr. Khan’s tells us that “one injection does not fit all”. and all treatments must be tailor made to suit a clients profile and concerns “For us, it’s about being the perfect version of yourself” she is aware that there is a line with aesthetics and alway advises her clients that less is always more – even if that means having to turn people away.


(Photo: A consultation with Dr. Khan)

With a 360 degree approach to anti-ageing, facial aesthetics and skincare,  MK Aesthetics comprehensive range of advanced treatments cover several areas, targeting different layers of the skin and different concerns.

They stock a full range of medical grade products and offer a full range of aesthetic and minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures such as skin threading to name but a few.  A full range of their services can be viewed by visiting their website at https://mkaesthetics.ie/

MK Aesthetic is a luxury clinic, based just a couple minutes drive on the outskirts of Wexford Town with free parking.  They provide a high quality treatment using the most superior technologies available on the market.  Their aim is to give each individual an experience they will never forget, so they will always want to return.


To find out more about this clinic OR to make a booking you can visit their website at: https://mkaesthetics.ie/

Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/mk_aesthetics/

Or Contact:

MK Aesthetics
Unit 4, Newline Stores, Clonard Rd,
Whitemill North, Wexford, Y35 FY9N
P: 087 183 1036

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