July 12, 2024

M&S may be coming to Kilkenny

SUPERMARKET and clothing giant Marks & Spencer could be coming to Kilkenny.

The UK retailer has announced major expansion plans for the Irish market, despite the fact that 100 stores are earmarked for closure across the chain by 2022,

M&S is close to agreeing to a new location for a store in Limerick that will include feature food and clothing.

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, M&S country manager Ken Scully said the chain is looking at “any big population centres” across the country where the chain does not currently have a presence.

These are understood to include Kilkenny and Waterford, and there has been speculation M&S is among the big international brands planning to set up shop in the planned €300 million North Quays development bordering both counties.

“We want to grow the food business, we think there’s a great opportunity here in Ireland, we think the Irish customers love our food so it’s a question of getting the right number of stores and getting them as quickly as we can,” Mr Scully said.


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