December 3, 2023

HOW LONG? New app tells Kilkenny people what date they are due their Covid-19 jabs

An app that gives an estimation of when people in Kilkenny will receive their Covid-19 vaccines has been launched.

Find out when you are due to get your Covd-19 vaccine here

The app, devised by the company Omni, estimates where each person is in the queue to receive their Covid-19 vaccine in Ireland.

The Omni programme bases their results from a number of factors including the health and wellbeing of the person and the number of vaccines available in Ireland at the given time.

The app, which is also available in website form, asks people to respond to a list with a maximum of nine questions, dependent on whether each category applies.

Once the questions are answered, the app automatically gives a set of dates between which they estimate you will receive your jabs, based on the information provided.

Many will be shocked to find, that under current circumstances they could be waiting until the middle of, or late 2022, for their second jab.

The app can be downloaded or website accessed at the following location –

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