April 1, 2023
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New group to help rebuild local enterprises in Kilkenny

A new business network group looking to expand the reach of local enterprises has just been launched.

Business Network International (BNI) has started a new chapter in Kilkenny, and neighbouring Carlow, to help existing businesses expand, new enterprises to flourish, and to give guidance and support to those thinking of setting up a business.

BNI  was set up in response to the growing need for business support in the county and says business owners will have access to more than 280,000 members in more than 70 countries.

Speaking about the formation of the new chapter Simon Finn, Executive Director for BNI’s Ireland East chapters said: “We saw during the last year how both Carlow and Kilkenny stepped up with new business ideas and innovation, and how existing ones pivoted and actually grew and thrived.

“While some businesses have struggled and closed, we want to maximise the support for businesses to try and rebuild what has been lost.

“We currently have members who are being supported through Brexit issues and can make the most of growth opportunities because of the UK split with Europe.

“As well as the vital support network, that we all need in business right now, BNI offers personal and business development, while members become trusted suppliers and customers,” Mr Finn concluded.

Businesses can now register for a free visitor day on February 10 which allows participants to meet with the core members of the group online and make new connections. To register, email Thomas@ruby2.ie or phone 086 1713455.



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