September 22, 2023

New €6m mortuary ‘will ensure dignity for the deceased’

A new €6 million mortuary facility for the people of Kilkenny and the South East region as a whole opens today.

Work commenced on the new mortuary in January 2020 and concluded in June 2021.

The new facility, a long-time in planning, was much needed for the region following reports two-years ago of bodies decomposing and being stored on the floor of the previous mortuary in the hospital.

The facility comprises of an integrated post -mortem room as well as a separate specialist forensic post-mortem room which will facilitate clinical requirements including a raised viewing room for forensic and education purposes.

Speaking before the opening of the new facility, Grace Rothwell, General Manager of University Hospital Waterford said: “This new purpose-built mortuary facility will ensure dignity for the deceased and will provide an enhanced environment for the bereaved and
an improved working space for hospital staff.

“This new facility will greatly support the hospital in providing this essential service to the public and the community,” Ms Rothwell concluded.

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