June 2, 2023
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Hurling: the ancient Irish sport

How much do you know about hurling? This outdoor Gaelic sport is rising in popularity again. Find out all you need to know about this ancient sport here.

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Time to end this sham fight and build the new hospital

The politicians who are trying to block the construction of the new National Maternity Hospital on the site of St Vincent’s, in south Dublin, are

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Tread softly, Mary Lou, when you tread on unionist dreams

It is more than 30 years since Dominic Murray published Worlds Apart, a book that has stood the test of time as a revealing and insightful study of

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Croke Park in September is where we all belong

The GAA has been running ads on television and other platforms featuring people with big hearts who play for small clubs. They show young lads running on

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: When a glimpse of stocking was nothing shocking

I was scrolling through television listings when I noticed the BBC was running some of the old St Trinian’s films. Not the 2009 version, with Colin

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: It’s little things that make our hospitals look sick 

Big changes have just been announced for Ireland’s hospital system. That worries me, for I remember other announcements of big changes. They always

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Sonia and the census get the gender question right

The first personal question on your census form asks your name; the second  says ‘what is your sex’. You have a simple choice, male or female.

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Bah mumbug! Time to ditch this Mother’s Day nonsense

What is a modern Irish mammy? Or mam, mum, ma, mom, mommy, mother? Whatever you’re having yourself. She has as many roles as she has names. She might

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: How a dark horse helped Charlie beat the bookie at last

Work was scarce when I was growing up and a lot of men, with nothing better to do, divided their days between the bookmaker and the pub. Once a week they

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Ireland and the free world is at war – and we must live with the pain 

In 2001, a junior minister, Joe Jacob, talked himself out of his job with advice on how Ireland should handle a nuclear emergency. We should, he said, take

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Why we must stop depending on Russia and China

Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister whose appeasement allowed Hitler to dismantle Czechoslovakia, opening the way for World War Two.

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: In the name game it always pays to be polite

My granddaughter goes to a primary school where the children call the teachers by their first name. It is, from what I can judge, a very good school and

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Time we told An Taisce to mind its own business

Ireland’s planning system is cumbersome and costly. Local authorities make decisions, Bord Pleanála may overrule them and the dispute can end up in

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Sad, funny and soulful – but it’s just not Belfast

Like Kenneth Branagh, Belfast is my native city. Like Branagh, I was living there in 1969 when the Troubles began and, like Branagh, I left shortly after.

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Don’t get your knickers in a twist, it’s just a passing phrase

Do you know your onions? And, if so, do you ever have the urge to tell less-informed folk that they are talking a load of codswallop? I’m afraid you


Shane Doran

Shane Doran is a former newspaper Editor who has held senior executive roles across five national newspaper titles, both broadsheet and tabloid.

Michael Wolsey

Michael has 50 years’ experience as a journalist and editor on national and local newspapers.