October 26, 2020
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WINE O’CLOCK: With Sherry, the cream is at the top

Sherry comes in many hues and flavours. Last week I looked at some of the clean, white varieties we tend to drink in summer or as an aperitif. But in

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: The GAA is not elite and I hope it never will be

In these Covid-haunted times, the things that make the GAA great are also the association’s biggest weakness: the men and women who play its sports

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WINE O’CLOCK: These winter warmers are wines for all seasons

As temperatures drop and the nights draw in, thoughts turn to cosy drawing rooms, a blazing fire in the hearth, a fragrant casserole in the oven and a nice

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Lament for sozzled cads and bonking trollops 

The word ‘sozzled’ may be heading for extinction because, apparently, hardly anyone under the age of 30 knows what it means. Well, dear

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WINE O’CLOCK: A lot of good wine goes up in smoke

Fires have been rampaging through California’s Napa Valley in recent weeks, destroying thousands of acres of vine-growing country and causing severe

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Why combating Covid is everyone’s business

Selfish students whooping it up in Galway, Cork and Belfast did not cause the leap in the Covid infection rate. But they contributed to it. Thoughtless

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Why I don’t want to pay for your marathon

My neighbour, a fit and feisty man, has been running a marathon in his back garden. He now intends to crown this feat with some incredible number of

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WINE O’CLOCK: Nice label … and the wine ‘s not bad either

It’s easy to spot Portuguese wines on the shelves of supermarkets and off-licences. They are the bottles with the nicest labels, colourful and

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Covid is the elephant in the classroom

The Covid virus spreads when we get together in large groups indoors. So where have we been doing that?Not in cinemas or theatres – they have been

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WINE O’CLOCK: It’s hard to get the measure of drinking at home

Pessimists, we are told, always see the glass as half empty; for optimists it is half full. But it seems we are all a bit optimistic when it comes to

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Memo to the Taoiseach – stop waffling, start governing

To misquote George Orwell: all counties are equal but some counties are more equal than others. The Government says we are all in this together, but its

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WINE O’CLOCK: A Rioja by any other name

The patience of restaurant staff often surprises me, particularly nowadays when they have to work behind a mask and deal with customers who don’t

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Why Minister Norma is the best girl in class

Norma Foley is the best pupil in Micheál Martin’s class. That’s not a great distinction, for they are an unruly bunch of under-achievers. They

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WINE O’CLOCK: Whites to sip as the leaves turn red

Keats called autumn the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and undoubtedly it is a time for mellow and fruity wines. We’re putting away the

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: A pint and a pizza from the place next door

I recently went with some friends for a drink and a bite to eat in a small village pub. I don’t think it normally serves food. I’m not sure it


Shane Doran

Shane Doran is a former newspaper Editor who has held senior executive roles across five national newspaper titles, both broadsheet and tabloid.

Michael Wolsey

Michael has 50 years’ experience as a journalist and editor on national and local newspapers.