February 7, 2023

‘Our future is at risk and it’s at risk now’ – Kilkenny students stage Climate Strike in city


HUNDREDS of Kilkenny school children were joined by concerned local citizens and workers in a show of solidarity at today’s climate change protest.

Students from most of the schools in Kilkenny gathered outside the gates of the Castle with drums, instruments, placards and their voices in a massive show of unity.

Some of the teenagers were brave enough to take to a megaphone and speak to the assembled crowd. The first speaker told the crowd: “We are no longer fighting for our children or our grandchildren, we are fighting now because our future is at risk and it is at risk now.”

See the student’s protest and speeches  here

After making their voices heard at the Castle, the students made their feelings known with their feet and made their way down the Parade.  It was here they were joined by the people and workers of Kilkenny to march up High Street and onto City Hall where they again made their feelings known.

At this point, hundreds of people were involved in the march, many from businesses that closed for the duration of the protest in a show of solidarity with the students.

Among those on the protest was Kilkenny Councillor and the Green Party’s Spokesperson on Environment, Community and Local Government, Malcolm Noonan.

He said he was incredibly proud of the young people of Kilkenny.

Councillor Noonan told KilkennyNow.ie: “In years to come, today will be marked as a turning point in the history of the world. It’s a day these young people will remember as the day they said – not in our name, you will not steal our future and we are demanding system change.

“Locally, I hope this movement will grow and push to make Kilkenny a model of self-reliance and climate resilience.

“I am incredibly proud of these young people and very grateful to the gardai, local businesses who closed, and the schools who allowed students to participate.

“Greta Thunberg has started a global youth movement, politicians are scared. This won’t go away!”

The march in Kilkenny was just one of dozens of similar marches around the country that saw thousands of people come out in solidarity with the students leading this campaign, demanding a change in Ireland’s climate action policy.

Photo courtesy of Book Centre Kilkenny

Video courtesy of HeritageToursWexford



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