September 28, 2023

‘People tell us their business and sometimes their reasons for travel are tragic’ – Kilkenny gardai

Gardai in Kilkenny have said they can “understand and empathise” with people who have forced to drive or travel during the lockdown.

And in the majority of cases it appears the public have responded positively to the understanding approach our local gardai are taking to police the Level 5 Covid restrictions.

In a moving post on the Kilkenny-Carlow Garda Facebook page, which showed the above photograph of officers manning a Covid checkpoint at Templemartin, the gardai said they understood that there are many valid reasons for people going beyond the 5km limit.

A Garda spokesperson said: “As checkpoints continue like the one at Templemartin, Kilkenny today, we continue to ask people the purpose of their trip.

“People tell us their business and sometimes their reasons for travel are tragic and very personal.

“While our purpose at these checkpoints is to limit unnecessary travel, we do understand and empathise with those travelling for the most personal reasons,” the post concluded.

Members of the public were quick to show their appreciation for the efforts the gardai are going to to assist them when required.

One person commented: “Back in April our daughter had very serious operation. Any checkpoint we came across no problem. Respect to the Garda.”

Another posted the follwing comment: “Not having a go but in 8 stops and a few waves through. I had my tax/insurance/NCT checked 7 times, asked where i was going 3 times, guards were friendly polite and courteous. Don’t envy them the job but ones I met are doing good job.”

One commentator said they understood gardai had a difficult job to do, adding: “Last stop I got one question about where I was going, then six about what it was like driving an electric car. Guess they needed a bit of light relief, it looks a cold and tedious job just now.”

And this job looks like it’s going to get more difficult as the fines associated with non-compliance to the new Covid restrictions come into effect this weekend.

The specifics of the fines per offence have yet to be announced, last month it was revealed gardai could be able to issue fines up to €2,500 if people are found to be repeatedly offending.


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