March 8, 2021

Phishy behaviour: Kilkenny residents targeted in ‘Revenue’ text scam

Kilkenny residents are being  targeted in yet another phone phishing scam in which fraudsters claim to to working for Revenue.

Gardai in KIlkenny issued an alert after being made aware of an incident in a local resident received a call from conmen claiming to be part of Revenue’s “Tech Crime Unit”. The calls came all came from a local 051 number.

A phishing scam is when fraudsters target people via email, telephone or text posing as a legitimate or known entity and try con their targets into providing personal data such as banking and credit card details.

A Garda spokesperson said: “The caller claimed to be from the Tech Crime Unit of the Revenue Commissioner.

“The number was an 051 but appears to be not from a genuine landline. Thankfully the member of the public smelled something a bit ‘Phishy’, (pun intended),” the spokesperson added.


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