November 30, 2022
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Planning process made easier for Kilkenny residents

A series of new information leaflets have been released in an effort to make the planning process more accessible to people in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny TD John Paul Phelan says the new online leaflets will “put the citizen back into the heart of the planning process.”

The new leaflets, released by the government, contain practical, accessible information on how the planning system works and explain how best to engage with it.

“Proper planning across our communities transforms lives,” Deputy Phelan said.

“Sometimes people see planning as the preserve of experts while struggling to engage with it.

“These leaflets are a small but crucial step in the work of the Office of the Planning Regulator established by Government to, amongst other things, enhance public awareness of the benefits of planning and its role in shaping communities for the common good.

“These leaflets replaces ones published back in the 1990s and will be an invaluable tool for the householder thinking of improving their home, the business person in developing their premises or anyone who wants to know more about planning and the key role they can play in it,” Deputy Phelan concluded.

There are 15 leaflets in all in the series and can be found at


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