September 17, 2021
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Plans unveiled for large new housing estate in county Kilkenny town

Plans to build 48 new homes in Ballyragget have been lodged with the local authority.

Developer John Staunton has lodged an application with Kilkenny County Council seeking permission for a project that could see housing for over 200 people built close to the centre of the town.

The development will consist of one-bed, two-bed, three-bed, and four-bed homes ranging from detached houses to apartments.

The proposed development will be located at the Moate Road in Ballyragget and would consist of 14 four-bed homes, 30 three-bed homes, three two-bed bungalows, and one two-bed mid-terrace house.

The application also requests permission for all ancillary works and services and the provision of a new entrance for vehicles and minor alterations to the existing road at Riverside Estate.

A decision on the development is expected by the middle of August.

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  1. This is great news should it be approved. Glad that there are companies going in this direction despite the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. This year, the forecast was for supply to catch up with the demand. But due to the pandemic, this is no longer happening. In fact, experts are anticipating that the gap is going to significantly widen again. This isn’t great news for people like me who are planning to buy as this can mean pricier homes and limited options, especially when it comes to new build homes. I really hope more developers push through with their plans to build as there are still a lot of people looking to buy brand new homes. But I just hope they do so without rushing or sacrificing quality. Unfortunately, the market is said to be flooded with poor quality new build properties, according to this article A house is a big investment and buyers deserve to get what they paid for. I hope developers realise this. Anyway, thank you for posting this and I hope you keep us updated on this topic.

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