April 12, 2021

Kilkenny’s population set to soar to 125,000


THE POPULATION of County Kilkenny is set to soar to 125,000 over the coming years.

A report from the  Central Statistics Office (CSO) called  ‘Regional Population Projections’ predicts Kilkenny’s population will rise by 27% over the next 17 years.

This will see the number of people living in the county explode from just under 100,000 at present to 125,000 over that period.

The figures are based on an analysis of latest Census figures and take projected births, deaths and net migration into account.

Ireland’s overall population is to swell to close to six million people within the same timeframe.

The 2016 Census recorded a total of 4,739,597 people living in Ireland, and the CSO predicts this figure will climb to 5,812,497 between now and 2036.

CSO Statistician James Hegarty said: “This publication is not an attempt to predict the future but rather presents how the population could evolve under six different scenarios.

“By making assumptions about future trends in mortality, fertility, internal and international migration we can project the population forward and examine the possible outcomes for demographic groups such as the school-going population, the working-age population and the elderly.”

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