November 29, 2021

PS off – Kilkenny broadcaster’s twitter account hacked by scammers

One of Kilkenny’s most high-profile personalities has fallen victim to an online scam where her Twitter account was hacked by fraudsters.

RTÉ sports broadcaster Evanne Ní Chuilinn’s Twitter account was attacked late last week when ads selling PS5 game consoles starting appearing on her account.

Evanne got onto the social media giant about the breach and they soon had regained control of the popular broadcaster’s account.

However, Evanne was quick to share her experience with her followers and offered insight into how the scammers operate.

“I can confirm I was hacked, and am not selling PS5s. But judging by my DMs a lot of people were scammed since 9pm last night

“Thanks to Jasmine in Dublin & Seán in Manchester, and the @Twitter support team who got me back into my account.

“This is how they do it. Use a verified handle on  @Twitter as proof of authenticity from @Sony

“Be careful out there folks,” she concluded.

But it wasn’t all bad news for Evanne over the weekend, she was able to take to her once again secure Twitter account on Saturday night to toast a playoff victory for her beloved Green Bay Packers in the NFL.

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