December 6, 2023

Rent crisis deepens: Kilkenny tenants now paying almost €1,000 a month

RENTS are continuing to soar in Kilkenny as the housing crisis deepens.

The average rent in the city and county now stands at €939, the highest in the South East, according to the latest property report by

The survey shows rents in Kilkenny rose by a further 6.7% in the first three months of the year.

This was one of the lowest rises recorded nationally, only behind Kildare which recorded a rise of 5.4%.

However, rents in Kilkenny remain the highest in the region, despite higher rises recorded in neighbouring countries.

Rents in Carlow rose by 8.3% to €917, while tenants in Waterford saw their monthly payments increase by 10.2% to €928. Meanwhile, rents in Wexford increased by 9.7% to €837, while in Tipperary there was a rise of 10.2% to €832.

Nationally, the reveals rents nationwide rose by 1.5pc in the first quarter of the year and the average is now €1,366.

In Dublin, the average price is much higher at €2,002 – an increase of 6.8pc over the past 12 months.

The runaway rents are symptomatic of the housing crisis which is spreading to all parts of Ireland.

It is now cheaper to pay a mortgage than to rent starter and family homes in all areas of the country, according to research.

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