June 8, 2023
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REVEALED: What Kilkenny people spend on takeaways and dining out


KILKENNY consumers dish out an average of just under €80 a month on a restaurant and takeaways, according to a new survey.

The survey of monthly spending habits of AIB customers reveals people in Kilkenny spend an average of €79.22 a month eating out or on takeaways.

This is less than €10 less than the national average of €91.09, but it’s higher than the €72.41 and €75.09 our neighbours in Carlow and Waterford respectively spend eating out every month.

Unsurprisingly, Dubliners spend the most nationwide on a restaurant or takeaway, forking out an average €115.27 a month.

By comparison, people in Co Monaghan spend the least when it comes to dining out, spending just €59 a month.

Kilkenny consumers spend an average of €250.91 on groceries every month, more than the national average of €228.49, but less than our Carlow neighbours’ €288.16 monthly supermarket bill.

We also spend slightly more on clothing (€88.47) than the national average (€87.94), but less on charity (€2.73 compared to €3.44) and on memberships and subscriptions (€9.77 compared to €12.05).

The figures are based on a representative sample of a million AIB customers aged between 18 and over 60 using the bank’s mobile app.

The data was harvested anonymously through the mobile app. The survey reveals groceries account for the largest monthly spend in most households, excluding rent and mortgages.

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