November 28, 2023
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Kilkenny siblings’ revolutionary new app to change how students learn

A revolutionary study app developed by two Kilkenny brothers enables students to improve how they approach studying based on real time data.

The new performance app, EKKER, created by two sibling Carl and John Lynch, both of whoma re teaching professionals, is set to change the way students learn.

The new E-learning technology removes the guesswork of study and provides students with real time data, allowing them to predict their performance, and identify the changes necessary to see improved academic results.

EKKER CEO and co-founder John Lynch said: “We’ve seen first-hand how unmotivating unguided study is and we wanted to provide a system that will help students eliminate guesswork and deliver real performance-led data. Our students go into exams knowing what they know – the performance follows.”

More than 370,000 secondary school students across Ireland have returned to school this academic year, in what is a new term like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of embracing new systems with enhanced technology.

A study  by Amárach Research showed that Ireland has seen an increase of 52% in the use of technology devices in the past six months during lockdown.

According to its developers, the EKKER app market will enhance performance by delivering content, tracking progress, and analysing data to empower individual learning and ensuring zero study waste and maximum efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Study Now – Select your subject, start your study, and rate your session when you finish. With a glance, see your subject’s average rating, the number of minutes you have studied and what subjects need more attention;
  • Study History – Allows you to see how you rated past study sessions, compare length of time studied across each subject and accurately measure study output – the first ‘fitness tracker’ for study;
  • Study Stats – Analyse your study patterns with graphs and data to encourage students to improve performance to attain higher grades. Benefit from peer to peer analysis of real data from other students;
  • Grade Estimator – An estimation from previous exam results and study on what your end grade will be, along with a handy points calculator to see what you need to target;
  • Exam Papers – A complete set of previous exam papers in every subject and at every level.

EKKER is available now from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store – download now for a free 10-day trial. The app will cost €4.99 a month or a discounted price of €45 for a year to help improve study performance.



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