July 21, 2024

Ruff justice: Spooked Kilkenny canine spends a night in the cell

Kilkenny Garda Station played host to a four-legged guest last night after a pet dog bolted when it became spooked by the thunder and lightening.

‘Freddie’ was found in a distressed state and was taken into custody to keep him safe until his owner could be found.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “When Unit B reported for work at 7am this morning they found an unusual prisoner sleeping off a night out. The Hair of the dog on this occasion was a Hairy Dog. Quick thinking Sergeant Burke read Freddie’s chip (with our new chip reader) and a very short time later we hosted a reunion. It seems Freddie got spooked by the thunder and bolted.”

Thankfully, Freddie’s owner had him chipped, and officers were able to reunite him with his relieved owner earlier today.

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