September 24, 2022
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SPONSORED: Make your IT an asset, not an obstacle, with WestTech Technologies

A good IT system is vital for the success of any modern business. But often the people who run a company find that, far from helping, technology is getting in the way of their job.

They are devoting valuable time to problems they don’t understand, or need to understand, and spending hours at meetings with IT staff who sometimes appear to speak a different language.

They want to run a business, not its IT system. WestTech Technologies can do that for them. They are a full-service IT company, providing hardware, software, managed IT and bespoke services to businesses of all sizes across Ireland and the UK.

WestTech Technologies will manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your core business. And they have the experience and expertise needed to turn your IT from an obstacle to an asset.

WestTech deliver reliable network, equipment and applications support to businesses for a competitive monthly fee.

They are a one-stop shop for all your IT requirements, ranging from project management and technical support to IT training and in-house IT technician placements. And WestTech Technologies can create tailored packages to meet your exact requirements.

“IT is the foundation of every modern business,” says WestTech Managing Director Kenneth Scally (pictured below). “We are here to provide the guidance, assistance and the on-going IT support you need. With your vision and our support, success isn’t far away.”

Remote working has taken on huge importance for many businesses since the outbreak of Covid-19. WestTech Technologies understand remote working and the benefits and challenges that come with working remotely and with managing a remote team.”

The majority of WestTech’s staff work from home – and not just because of the Covid pandemic. The company believe it is important to support a proper work-life balance for their employees.

WestTech can offer clients remote working hardware and software bundles from Dell, Microsoft and other well-known brands along with clear advice and guidance on the best software to let you stay connected and work successfully as a remote team.

WestTech can provide complete technology solutions for businesses of any size. Their team of talented IT professionals will end your IT nightmares once and for all.

“WestTech has grown exponentially over the past few months we have gone from strength to strength and helped our clients digitally transform their businesses to increase productivity and profits,” says Kenneth Scally. “We provide IT managed services, hardware and software to businesses across Ireland with a focus on customer service and value for money. We solve problems for growing businesses using our experience and industry connections.”

Prior to setting up WestTech, Kenneth was an award-winning sales professional in global tech and he has a huge affection for the industry.

“Culture means everything to us in our business – we are all about doing good and doing well,” he says. “Ultimately, after Covid, we want to be able to do a bit of good in the world starting with our charity element.”

WestTech’s main charity aim (see is to help raise money for animal welfare and work to change the laws in Ireland to stop animal abuse. “Post Covid people don’t really have money to support charities but in the future we hope to partner up with other tech companies and anyone willing to help in this cause. ”

With over 15 years of experience working in the IT industry, WestTech pride themselves on customer service excellence and value for money.

WestTech are making a special offer to readers of KilkennyNow: a 20% discount off managed IT service contracts. It is further evidence of how serious the company is about growing its business across Ireland. “We really want to make an impact,” says Kenneth Scally.

WestTech are planning to set up some new office bases around the country and are seeking to recruit talented freelance and part time staff as they grow, particularly in Network Engineering and Technical Support. If that interests you, visit:

*WestTech Technologies is hosting a special Webinar on Disaster Recovery on August 12 to cater for the growing number of companies seeking the serivce. For more details, visit:

WestTech Technolgies: Your complete suite of IT services

WestTech’s impressive range of services can cover every aspect of your company’s IT needs. They include:
* IT Hardware and Software
* IT Office Fit-outs and Refreshes
* Technical Support
* IT Project Management and Support
* In-house IT Technician Placements for SMEs
*Ad Hoc, Hourly and Tailored IT Packages
* IT Project and Consultancy Services
* Website Development
* Digitisation and Automation of Tasks
* Web Development
* IP TV Systems
* Network Planning and Management
* Fibre and Copper Cabling
* FLUKE Testing
* Comms Management
* IP Telecoms(VoIP)
* UPS Systems
* Audio Visual
* Network Hardware Solutions
* Electrical Services
* IT Training & Implementation
* Bespoke services

For more information, contact WestTech’s Dublin office on 01 437 8306 or email:

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