June 8, 2023

‘Say Yes’ – Kilkenny TD calls for more support for people with autism

A Kilkenny TD has called for the establishment of a Dáil committee focused solely on autism matters.

Deputy Kathleen Funchion has thrown her full support behind AsIAm’s ‘Say Yes to Autism Acceptance’ campaign that is running throughout April.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to say ‘Yes’ for a change: Yes to employment, Yes to education, and Yes to community inclusion for people in the autism spectrum.

A report published earlier this week by IrishJobs.ie revealed nine out of ten people within Ireland’s autism community believe it is more difficult to find a job as an autistic person.

Deputy Funchion said: “More and more people are aware of autism and I welcome this opportunity to further awareness and promote understanding in the wider community.

“The continual side-lining of people with autism, I believe strongly shows that the Autism strategy and a dedicated Dáil Autism Committee I proposed and was fully supported in the last Dáil, must be prioritised.

“People with autism have been battling many years for their rights and entitlements. Children face lengthy waiting times for assessment. They struggle to locate appropriate school places.

“Adults with autism face huge gaps in the provision of crucial services, particularly in finding work, securing social welfare or living independently.

“Sinn Féin are committed to working on all of these issues to ensure that the Government acts to finally put in place the services and supports that people with autism need and should be entitled to,” Deputy Funchion added.



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