December 6, 2023
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Saga over plans for controversial 100ft telecoms tower overlooking Kilkenny village rumbles on

The local authority is due to rule in whether or not a 33-metre telecommunications tower can be built on public lands overlooking a Kilkenny village.

The plans are back on the table after the developer, Cignal Infrastructure Limited, providde Kilkenny County Council with further details on their plans for the site on Coillte lands at Coolehill Upper, Windgap.

The council had raised concerns over the construction of the more than 100ft high tower. These included the visual impact of the tower, its location and the fact that it would be built in a forest Coillte may reactivate for commercial use into the future.

Local authority planners also expressed reservations about access to the site and whether Cignal had adequately assessed other sites already in use locally.

Questions were also raised about how the structure fitted into the rollout of the National Broadband plan.

Cignal recently provided the council with a 135-page response to their queries.

A decision on the development is expected within the next fortnight.


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