August 10, 2022

Unaccompanied L-driver overtook Garda car 35kph over speed limit on Kilkenny road

An unaccompanied learner driver had his car seized after he was caught red-handed overtaking an unmarked Garda car 35kph over the speed limit on a Kilkenny road.

Members of the Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit were on a patrol when the incident occured in Tuesday.

The driver overtook an unmarked Garda patrol car and was clocked doing 115kph in an 80kmh zone.

Gardai gave chase and ordered the car to pull over. The officersthen discovered the driver was a learner permit holder, driving unaccompanied and failing to display L plates.

A local Garda source confirmed the vehicle was seized under section 41 of the Road Traffic Act under the Clancy amendment.

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