May 21, 2022
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REVEALED: What Spiderman does on his day off (watches the Cats in action!)


IT’S TRUE – Spiderman does watch Kilkenny hurl in his downtime. told you first – this week we published an image of what appeared to be the comic superhero watching Kilkenny’s Leinster Final clash with Wexford from the skywalk at Croke Park.

We speculated that it was all a part of an innovative promotion by Sony, the maker of the latest Spiderman blockbuster (see link below).’t-save-kilkenny-in-croke-park-yesterday/

And now Sony has confirmed to that it was Spidey himself (or at least a good imitation!) enjoying a birds eye view of the hurling drama below.  

Spiderman may be useful at catching crime lords and battling creatures from other dimensions, but when it comes to a tricky corner-forward – they just slip out of his web.

As his video diary shows, his spidey-senses and lightening reactions are still no match for a TJ, an Adrian Mullen or a Rory O’Connor.

So it’s proof! If you want someone to save the world – ask a hurler (sure we all knew that).

See Spiderman’s day out below:



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