December 11, 2023
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SPONSORED: Abbey Mobility – bringing the personal touch to stairlift peace of mind

FOR many people, stairlifts offer a new lease of life, allowing them to easily and safely go up and down the stairs. They get back the full use of their house and the risk-free lifts mean peace of mind for their loved ones.

The Mobility Aids Grants Scheme helps some elderly or disabled people with the cost. For those who do not qualify, an Irish company has come up with a clever way to keep down the price.

Abbey Mobility buys second-hand wheelchair lifts from across the UK and the rest of Europe. It refurbishes them at its base in Cork and sells them at a much-reduced price, complete with installation, all building work and a full warranty.

“It’s great for people who are not grant-eligible or who cannot wait for the time it takes to get a grant approved,” says Abbey Mobility’s founder and director, Tim Morley.

“They get the product they badly need within days, at a fraction of the cost and with a warranty to give them peace of mind.”

Abbey Mobility is the only company in Ireland offering this service for second-hand wheelchair lifts. What’s more, they buy back stairlifts which are no longer needed and, in a great example of recycling, refurbish and resell them, allowing more people to live happily in their own homes.

Tim Morley is a qualified carpenter who brings a very personal touch to the business of fitting and maintaining stairlifts, new and second-hand.

“I came from the construction industry so measurements and building work is second nature,” he says.
“Making things fit and adapting things to solve a problem is what I do best.”

Abbey Mobility has a 24/7 breakdown phone number. It is always answered by a qualified engineer who can often solve the problem on the spot. If that’s not possible, the engineer will go to the site and carry out whatever repairs are necessary.

The great thing about this service is that it is not limited to lifts installed by Abbey Mobility. They are happy to offer their expertise to repair any stairlift.

Abbey’s Susie McConville is Ireland’s only female lift engineer and her story is remarkable. She came to the company as a cleaner, to work on just one job. When engineers couldn’t figure out what was wrong with a broken lift, she suggested a solution.

Susie says she inherited an interest in how things work from her father.

“When I had no cleaning to do, I used to sit down and look at wiring drawings,” she explains.

“So, I told my boss to check a certain side of the lift, and he did, and the problem was there.”

Tim Morley was impressed.

“Susie asked could she come to other jobs for free just to see a bit more. She showed a great interest, so I put her on the pay roll and sent her on training courses.

“Now Susie is Ireland’ s only female domestic stairlift engineer and one of the most competent engineers in the country.”

It is the personal touch that makes Abbey Mobility such an outstanding company.

“We will always talk to the client about their budget,” says Tim. “We can meet anyone’ s budget through our access to quality reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts and wheelchair lifts.

“We try to match their budget with a product to suit their needs while maintaining our quality and service.”

Abbey Mobility was voted Best in Class at the All-Ireland All-Star Business Awards. CEO and founder Tom Morley is pictured above with award

For more information, call 021 461 4221 or log on to:



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