December 3, 2023
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SPONSORED: Invest in your home and save money with Solar Electric

There has never been a better time go solar. People are spending more time at home and remote working looks like it is here to stay, so it’s a great time to produce your own power and significantly cut your electricity bill.

In this extraordinary era of ‘zero interest rates’, it makes more sense to invest in your home than to leave money sitting in the bank.

And its not just your bank balance that will benefit. We all want to reduce carbon emissions and cut back on use of fossil fuels. With Solar Electric’s PV systems you can save money and do your bit to help save the planet at the same time.

From its base in the South East, Solar Electric has grown to be one of Ireland’s most innovative domestic solar and PV companies.

Its solar panels can turn your roof into a power plant. It is Ireland’s longest established solar company and its expert technicians can install nationwide.

Not only will the work save you money, your initial outlay can be low, for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is offering 30% grants that can be worth as much as €3,000 to a householder. SEAI grants are also available for office and factory conversions.

Solar Electric’s back office team in Enniscorthy will help you get the best possible funding deal. Its surveyors will design a unique system to fit your home and its support team will deal with any issues that arise after  installation.

“We have been on the sustainable energy journey since 2012,” says Solar Electric’s co-owner Robert Goss. “We have taken great care to offer only products that will keep on delivering green energy year after year, with little or no maintenance.”

Robert, who lives in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, came to Ireland in 2015 to work full time with Solar Electric, which was set up by local entrepreneur Tom Foley.

Robert had previously worked as MD with Conergy UK, building an extensive network of solar farms across Britain.

Tom Foley, who had previously developed a successful company constructing high-quality children’s play spaces across Ireland, was looking for a new enterprise. In discussions with his friend Robert, they hit upon solar PV.

The use of solar panels for domestic and commercial electricity production had been tried and tested in Germany for some time and recent advancements in the technology had led to a boom for the industry in the UK.

The men could see a clear market niche in Ireland. The next step was for Tom to install the first system in his garage at home.

The system was straightforward to install and was very soon producing enough electricity to make a significant impact on his family’s daytime usage.

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To gain a deeper insight into this pioneering industry, Tom participated in a Conergy training session at Ecobuild in London where he was joined by the company’s current Design and Operations Manager, Paul Murphy.

Paul’s practical knowledge of roofing types was soon supplemented by an in-depth understanding of inverters and mounting systems and, to this day, he oversees all installations from initial design through to the commissioning and sign-off.

The breakout year for Solar Electric came in 2014 when the company participated in the largest Solar PV project in Ireland. The project was led by Tipperary Energy Agency on behalf of Tipperary County Council and involved the design, installation and maintenance of up to 199kW of PV panels and associated works on 11 Tipperary public buildings in order to eliminate base-load energy use.

The company has since worked on housing for several local authorities and barracks for the Irish Defence Forces. Its products, including the sonnen battery from Germany, are all tried and tested.

Solar Electric leads the Irish Solar PV market, installing more solar panels than any of its competitors and helping customers to reduce their electricity bills by up to 50%.

It recognises that the present challenging circumstances also present opportunities for many householders.

“One outcome of this situation is that many of us are spending less on transport but more on home electricity,” says Robert Goss. “If you have saved money this way since March, investing some of it in PV to cut your bills will be the smartest decision you can make.”

Log on to the Solar Calculator to see how much you can save:

For more details, call the Solar Electric team on 01 906 1598 or email:


TESTIMONIAL: ‘The entire process was smooth and efficient’ – Ciaran Byrne, Callan, Kilkenny

“After I reached out to Solar Electric early in 2020 I was presented with several suitable options for Solar PV panels at my residence.

“Despite the impact of Covid-19, the Solar Electric team kept in touch, and, when the time was appropriate, the installation proceeded with Sharp panels generating 2.24kWp and a 5kW SonnenBatteire system. The entire process was smooth and efficient, with any minor issues rectified quickly.

“This installation, backed by the well organised backroom Solar Electric team in Enniscorthy, is a testament to how the work should be done. The Solar Electric team were also more than helpful in supporting my grant application and processing with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) for which I am grateful.”

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