July 30, 2021
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SPONSORED: No fads and no fooling – Herbalife is the healthy, helpful way to lose weight and keep it lost

Many people want to lose weight and everybody wants to be healthy – but combining the two can be tricky. The internet is heaving with fad diets and quack cures but Herbalife Nutrition provides an honest solution to both problems.

It is an internationally renowned brand that sells multivitamins, supplements and energy bars that help customers to lose weight.

Herbalife protein shakes provide  amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals which help maintain good health while losing unwanted weight and inches.

These drinks are endorsed by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (pictured below). The five-time Ballon d’Or winner worked with the scientific team that helped develop the products which he says can improve athletic performance as well as contributing to good health and nutrition.

You can’t buy Herbalife in shops as it is exclusive to members’ clubs. You will find one at Elite Living, the health and nutrition website run by Laura Warren, a graduate in Health & Nutrition Coaching and Ireland’s Health & Nutrition Influencer of the Year.

“When it comes to your health, you deserve far better answers than you’ll find with an online search,” Laura says.

“You need information you can trust, that will answer your questions, ease your concerns and protect your health. I am fully trained by the Herbalife specialists to advise you on the right Herbalife weight loss plan for you. I am also a qualified nutritionist and I can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs and goals: family-friendly plans for people on a budget, plans that will work for you if you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian – or just a picky eater!”

Laura is an independent Herbalife member and a Brand Ambassador for its products. She uses them as part of her daily routine which she sets out on the Elite Living site where she  also explains her fitness regime and provides recipes for healthy food you will really enjoy.

Laura’s day starts with a nutritious, creamy Herbalife Nutrition protein drink, high in protein, fibre, gluten-free and low in sugar.

“It kickstarts my morning perfectly,” she says. “It provides me with all the essential amino acids my body needs and gives me a burst of vitamin C to boost my immune system during these difficult times. It also provides me with seven key minerals, all from natural sources.”

Because she eats well and  fuels her body with the right nutrients, Laura generally has no urge to snack “but if I do feel the hunger setting in I generally have another Herbalife protein shake, which always hits the spot”.

Herbalife is endorsed by celebrities such as Katie Price and Emma McVey. All its products have been developed by scientists and nutritionists.

If you want to maintain your weight, Herbalife recommends replacing one meal with a shake and eating two healthy nutritious meals per day.

If you want to lose weight, Herbalife recommends having a Formula 1 (F1) shake for breakfast and lunch, followed by a healthy nutritious dinner.

Health and beauty have driven Laura’s career since 2005, when she graduated with ITEC and CIBTAC qualifications, having specialised in beauty therapy and skincare. Laura is a graduate in Health & Nutrition Coaching and Sports Nutrition for Weight Control and Performance.

She has an advanced BTEC Diploma with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health and is a member of The Nutrition Society, the Association of Health Care Journalists and the prestigious Harvard Health Medical School, which has more than 11,000 doctors and medical researchers, including nutrition professors, on its register.

Laura has been trained by the Herbalife specialists to advise on the use of their products. She can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs and help you achieve your personal goals.

To find out more, visit: http://www.shopelitelivingnutrition.com or call, text or WhatsApp Laura on 083 881 9377.

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