September 28, 2023
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SPONSORED: The Skin Alchemist – clinic with a magic personal touch that will transform your skin

“THERE is magic in truly good skincare.” That’s the message from Emily Byrne, the woman behind Kilkenny’s wonderful skin clinic, The Skin Alchemist.

Emily is a trained skin specialist, offering solutions to concerns such as acne, rosacea, eczema, pigmentation, stretch marks and scarring.

The Skin Alchemist is the only skin-specific clinic in Kilkenny. Emily named it after the alchemists, the magicians of the Middle Ages who strove to transform metals into gold.

But there is a big difference. When Emily works her magic the transformation is a success, as her many contented clients can testify.

Her alchemy uses not magic potions but the purest of ingredients, from the most ethically sourced brands; environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and using mainly plant sources – the best nature has to offer.

Above all, she brings the personal touch. “Tailored skin solutions are prescribed just for you,” she explains. “Nothing is just lifted off a shelf. You are listened to and your regime suggests itself.”

Consultation is the key to success. “Every treatment plan begins with me getting to know and understand your skin and what it needs,” says Emily.

Emily’s expertise comes from years of work, study and dedication. Her journey began 23 years ago when she worked with her sister Elaine, who had opened a beauty clinic in Kildare.

“From the very beginning my interest and focus was specifically on skin,” she recalls.  “With every face presenting on the couch I would try to find the story behind what I was seeing – the little rough red patch specifically located on the right cheek or the pimples, clustered beneath the mouth on the left side of the chin. It couldn’t be random, so I would dive deep with questions to try to find a possible reason or a trigger for the symptoms.”

Emily qualified as an acupuncturist and naturopath in 2012 and has worked a trainer since 2016.

“I moved into training and travelled around Ireland teaching all things skin,” she says. On her travels she realised the need for a clinic in Kilkenny devoted solely to the skin.

The Skin Alchemist offers many results-driven skincare brands under one roof, which allows it to treat a wide range of skin conditions and meet the needs of clients more fully.

Brands such as Environ Skincare, Cosmedix, Osmosis and Marie Reynolds London, support good skin health as well as targeting specific concerns such as rosacea, acne, pigmentation, eczema and the effects of ageing.

In its upstairs treatment rooms, The Skin Alchemist customises treatments to address each individual’s specific concerns. “That is where the magic happens,” says Emily.

“We use tools such as sound waves, electrical current, skin needling, acupuncture and of course the most effective skin ingredients, to change the skin in the most positive way.”

Experience has taught her one lesson above all: “Creating healthy skin begins with achieving good general health. Healthy cells form healthy skin. The root cause of a skin condition is always considered and treated.”

The Skin Alchemist does not believe in quick fixes. “We know that they do not truly work,” says Emily. “Suppressing a skin condition will only lead to worsening symptoms. We take care to understand what is going wrong and at what level.”

And Emily has one more vital tool to help work her magic – time.

“We give it time  so that we can we offer not just condition correction but ongoing skin health,” she explains.

The Skin Alchemist is where transformation happens. To begin your skin transformation, book a consultation today.

The Skin Alchemist is at …
2 Coffee House Lane, Market Cross Shopping Centre, Kilkenny City.
Phone: 087 380 7215


Facebook: The Skin Alchemist and Instagram – the_skin_alchemist


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