June 8, 2023
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SPONSORED: Warren McCreery – property consultants who take time to talk and make time to listen

BUYING a house is the biggest investment many of us will ever make; selling one is the most crucial transaction.

Anyone making a similar investment in, say, stocks or bonds, would consult a broker, talk to an accountant, sit down with a financial adviser.

But some estate agents seem to believe that this most important of transactions can almost be done by remote control – from a head office in Dublin with communication by email and the occasional phone call.

That’s not how Warren McCreery works. He spent 20 years with some of the biggest property consultants in Ireland, then came home to Kilkenny in 2005 and set up Warren McCreery Property Consultants. Their hallmark is the personal touch, a service tailored to the specific needs of every client.

He knows the importance of taking time to talk to each client – and, more importantly, the importance of taking time to listen.

“We need to understand the expectations of each client,” says Warren. “If the expectations are unrealistic we will tell them so, for there is no point in putting a house on the market at price that can never be realised.

“But that is rarely the case. Mostly people are looking for guidance and they have pride in the homes they are selling. They tell us what is special about the property and what is important to them will usually be attractive to others. These are the highlights that often clinch the sale.”

Warren McCreery Property Consultants will advise you on the best method of selling your property, which can be private treaty, public auction or private tender.

And they bring their personal touch to the buyer as well as the seller. They don’t see their job as simply showing someone around a house.

“The buyer’s expectations are also important,” says Warren. “Genuine customer service means having both the seller and the buyer’s best interests at heart.”

This personalised customer service helps avoid that most disappointing development in any property transaction, where a deal falls down after initial agreement has been reached.

“We can’t guarantee it will never happen,” says Warren. “But getting to know the buyer and the seller makes it much less likely.”

Local knowledge is another important aspect of Warren’s service.

“We’re selling more than a home,” says Warren. “We’re selling the lifestyle that comes with it, and that requires a real understanding of the local area.”

Warren McCreery Property Consultants are Kilkenny’s leading independent real estate agency.

They handle residential lettings as well as sales. They also handle commercial sales and letting and provide property valuation services across County Kilkenny and throughout the South East.

Their commercial agency offers forward planning, appraisals and marketing support to ensure maximum returns in retail, office, industrial and development property transactions.

They provide valuations for all property types including offices, retail, industrial, residential and land. Among the many services they offer are mortgage valuations, leasehold valuations, asset valuation for tax purposes and residential insurance valuations.

Warren McCreery holds a degree in Valuation Surveying and Management of Property. He is a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Warren brings his unrivalled knowledge, professionalism and direct personal approach to all their business, ensuring that Warren McCreery, Residential Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents achieve the best results.

Warren McCreery Property Consultants can be contacted at 056 770 2000, 086 856 2044 or info@warrenmccreery.ie. Their offices are located at the heart of Kilkenny City opposite Kilkenny Court House.
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