December 11, 2023

Maria Bailey compo controversy did swing Kilkenny voters, says FG councillor

THE Maria Bailey swing compo scandal did affect Fine Gael in the run-up to the Kilkenny local elections, the party’s local councillor and General Election candidate Patrick O’Neill said today.

The Bennettsbridge-based politician was re-elected to Kilkenny County Council after he received 1,399 first preference votes in the Callan-Thomastown electoral area.

Speaking to KCLR’s John Masterson today, Cllr O’Neill said he was very happy with the support he received this time around.

When asked about the swing controversy involving Dun Laoghaire TD Maria Bailey that has dominated national headlines over the past fortnight, Cllr O’Neill (pictured below) described the whole affair as “very disappointing”.

He added: “In the position that Maria is in, we have to be very careful about what we do. You’re earning a good income and if the hotel are offering to pay certain costs then that’s where it should have been left, I don’t think there was a need for it to go any further.

“I was disappointed in it, it definitely affected us last week [canvassing] on the doorsteps.”

“Cases like this are the reason why insurance costs are going up on people. For a person in such a high position to be taking a case like this is disappointing from my perspective. And to be a member of my own party its disappointing. We see businesses closing because of issues like this and its very, very disappointing.”

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