September 28, 2023

‘The worst is yet to come’ – Kilkenny man who tested positive for Covid-19 makes powerful appeal from his hospital bed

A Kilkenny man currently being treated for the coronavirus at St Luke’s General Hospital has written a powerful personal appeal for people to “stay home and stay safe” as he predicted: “The worst is yet to come.”

Tomas Jackman, who had been suffering from double pnemonia, this week received the dreaded news that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Writing from his hospital bed, Tomas said: “So here it is. Three days ago after consultation with my GP an amazing ambulance crew collected me from my house and brought me to St Lukes where thay handed me over to the amazing staff in MAU.

“I was assessed and tested and treated like I was the only person who mattered, porters brought me for X-rays, doctors, nurses all treating me.

“I have double pneumonia in my lungs so I knew I had the virus, but the test results hadn’t come back. Doctors and nurse continued to treat me and last night I had a visit from a doctor who comfirmed what I already knew: I had the virus.”

Tomas admitted it was “still a shock” to get the news, but he added: “In the few days I’ve been in hospital my breathing is improving with the aid of plenty of oxygen so looks like I will avoid the ventilator, fingers crossed. So now I have to fight this pneumonia and get the lungs right.”

Tomas said he felt compelled to write about his experience to that people could hear it “from horse’s mouth” and to dispel “the bullshit rumours going around”.

And he warned: “People, this is the tip of the iceberg – the worst is still to come.”

He urged everyone to heed advice from Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Government, and to “listen to paramedics, nurses, doctor, portors, careworkers, gardai, army – that’s in the frontline.”

Tomas added: “We are at war and its not going to be an easy battle. Stay home. Stay safe.”

The Kilkenny man warmly praised all the staff at St Luke’s, telling them: “I will never ever be able to thank you enough, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Thank you so much.”

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